Workforce Optimization

Employee Skill Tracking Software

It's critical to understand what skill sets you have within your organization ... and what skill sets are missing.


With WebMentor Skills™ — Avilar's competency management and employee development software — tracking each employee's strengths and weaknesses based on their specific job role has never been easier.

Starting with a skills assessment, our software enables you to efficiently manage skills, skill gaps, training, and individual talent development plans so you can focus on improving the most critical skill gaps to start optimizing your workforce.

“Develop each employee's most critical skills to optimize your workforce.”

Understand current skill sets

  1. ASSESS the skills of employees. Do they have the skills they need to succeed in their jobs?

    With our assessment tools, employees can complete self-assessments, managers can assess their employees, or choose from a combination of up to nine types of relationship roles including peer, subordinate, mentor, customer, and more.

  2. DISCOVER which weaknesses exist within your workforce.

    With interactive reports you can drill down to identify which weaknesses are affecting your workforce by department, or even show which individuals have the most critical skill gaps.

  3. CLOSE critical skill gaps with employee training.

    Employees create Individual Development Plans to close their most critical skill gaps first, rather than simply taking training that might interest them.

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