Skill Gap Analysis Tools

Identify Skill Gaps

Don't waste time or money on unnecessary training. Discover exactly where the skill gaps exist, and provide continual development through targeted training resources. Avilar's skills gap analysis tools identify and close critical employee skills gaps that could derail organizational success.

Are you taking the right steps?


WebMentor Skills™ allows you to identify critical weaknesses so they can be corrected in the least amount of time.

“Strengthen your organization quickly and efficiently.”

How it works ...

  1. DEFINE the skills that will be required for success in each role.

    Start with the Avilar Competency Model or import a competency model of your own that defines the critical skills required for each job role. By performing a skills assessment, you can best evaluate your organization's core competencies.

  2. DELIVER web-based skills assessments.

    By allowing employees and managers to conduct a self-assessment, a subordinate assessment, or a combination of up to nine types of relationship roles, our skill gaps assessments can help you better understand your workforce.

  3. ANALYZE skill gaps at the individual, department, or organization level.

    Interactive reports let you drill down to identify the greatest weaknesses by departments and even which individual skill sets need improvement.

  4. DEVELOP employee skill sets based on the most critical needs.

    Employees can create Individual Development Plans to close their most critical skill gaps.

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