WebMentor Skills™ — Avilar's Skills Management Software

Avilar's easy-to-use skills management software application, WebMentor Skills™, helps organizations identify, analyze and manage skills gaps within their workforce. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce, you can take action to improve your training programs, develop your workforce's skills and improve their performance.

Identifying skill gaps with competency-based skills assessments, a skills database and skills tracking to identify skills gaps is a critical first step to making improvements in your organization's competencies.

Experience it for yourself.

With WebMentor Skills™ you can do it in four easy steps:

Step 1:

Define your competency management plan.

Step 2:

Assess your employees' skills.

Step 3:

Analyze your skills inventory and skills gaps.

Step 4:

Take action to achieve your new objectives.

Assessment: The Critical First Step

Online assessments help you identify both hidden strengths and critical weaknesses within your workforce. A critical first step in our competency management system, assessments allow organizations to collect critical skills data so they can make important planning decisions about training and staffing.

Assessment results show skill definitions measured by a rating scale. Rating scales can range from two to seven points based on your organization's needs. Most organizations find that a five-point rating scale provides an effective evaluation of proficiency, ranging from "no proficiency" to "a high level of mastery."

Analysis: Understanding the Data

After assessing their skills, users can access their "Strengths Report" and their "Individual Skill Gaps Report." Organization leaders can analyze this data for individuals and across the entire organization to create action plans based on skills gaps overall or by role, providing valuable insight into workforce skill levels. Armed with this data, managers and leaders are able to make better informed decisions resulting in improved staff performance and reduced training and staffing costs.

Cloud-based or Licensed and Installed

Your WebMentor Skills™ competency management system can be up and running in as little as one day with our online, hosted system. Customers who prefer to install and run the application on their own in-house servers can license the application and be up and running quickly.

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