Employee Retention

Retain Your Best Employees

Reducing employee turnover is a priority for most organizations. An unhappy workforce can come at a steep price when you add up the costs of lost productivity, hiring and training replacements, and absenteeism, just to name a few.

But most HR professionals already know why employee retention is important - what's difficult is understanding which strategies, tools, and techniques best inspire top performance and job satisfaction.

Get the Best Employee Retention Tools


Want to retain and optimize your best employees? WebMentor Skills™ — Avilar's online employee retention platform — can help transform an existing and ineffective priority into a top performing workforce.

“Delight your workforce with online employee engagement tools.”

Integrate Competencies into Talent Management

One way to amplify your team's energy is by integrating competencies into multiple talent management processes, such as performance management, employee reviews and surveys, training, and professional development.

Competencies can support retention with the following engagement drivers for employees:

  • Personalize learning and development opportunities for their job and focus on career growth
  • Identify hidden skills and competencies then utilize them
  • Set a clear, compelling direction that empowers each employee
  • Develop management competencies that promote engagement
  • Recognize their value to the organization and reward high performance
  • Engage in open and honest communication

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