Organizational Development Software

Align Training with Corporate Goals

Your organization has a forward-looking strategic plan. But are you sure that every employee's goals are aligned with it?

Each individual's skills and abilities play a vital part in the effectiveness of your organization's efforts to provide the best possible products and services. You need to align each individual's unique training program with the organization's future goals and performance requirements.

Establishing a corporate training system to better align your talent management efforts and your organization's goals is beneficial to all aspects of your organization. When you coordinate training with strategic goals, your overall plan becomes clear for employees and management alike.


With WebMentor Skills™ — Avilar's targeted organizational development software — you can better unite your training objectives and your organizational goals. Use WebMentor Skills™ to inventory each employee's skills, discover exactly where the skill gaps exist in your workforce, and provide continual development through a range of targeted training programs.

“Identify & develop the skills your organization needs to be successful.”

Ask yourself these questions ...

  1. What SKILLS are required for success in each role?

    Start with the Avilar Competency Model or import a competency model of your own that defines the critical skills required for each job role.

  2. Do employees have the skills that are CRITICAL for success?

    Employees complete self-assessments, managers assess their employees, or a combination of up to 9 types of relationship roles including peer, subordinate, mentor, customer, and more. WebMentor Skills provides an Individual Skill Gap Summary Report so individuals are aware of their weaknesses.

  3. What SKILL GAPS exist at the department and organization level?

    Interactive reports let you identify the top skill gaps organization-wide. Then, drill down to identify the greatest weaknesses by departments and other arbitrary groups.

  4. Are employees training to CLOSE their critical skill gaps?

    Employees create Individual Development Plans to close their most critical skill gaps first, rather than simply taking training that might interest them.

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