The Avilar Employee Competency Model

The Avilar Competency Model was developed from decades of work with organizations of all types and sizes. It contains over 350 skills clustered into more than 50 skill groups.

Our employee competency model can be used as is or customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Through competency evaluation and templates, Avilar's model can help your organization better understand your employees' skillsets. Our model is based on the principle that essential data is necessary for effective talent management.

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Your Organization's Core Competencies

Core competency can be defined as a harmonized combination of multiple resources and skills that distinguish an organization in the marketplace. By making use of our employee competency model, your organization can better identify your core competencies. Organizations which understand what their strengths are can better position themselves in and deliver unique value within their current market, as well as break into new ones.

Our model addresses three key components:

Professional Skills

Skills that employees at all levels need to be successful regardless of technical or job related expertise.

Leadership Skills

Skills needed by those in management and leadership positions within your organization.

Occupational Skills

Job-specific skills needed in roles like human resources, learning and development, finance, customer service, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

Providing industry-specific, general business and job role skills analysis brings it full circle.

Industry specific skills:

  • information technology
  • healthcare
  • manufacturing
  • sales
  • marketing
  • management
  • customer service
  • human resources

General business skills:

  • intrapersonal
  • interpersonal
  • intellectual
  • business communication
  • work/project management
  • ethics
  • relationship management
  • partnering and networking

Job roles:

  • organizational leadership
  • human resources
  • learning & development
  • finance & accounting
  • information technology
  • sales & marketing
  • customer service
  • manufacturing
  • supply chain
  • project management
  • non-profit
  • patient services

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