"It's not what you know; it's what you know you don't know!"

Rapid Skills Inventory Software

Whenever you have a new group of employees to manage, it's imperative to understand what they know ... and what they don't know ... in order to get them to perform successfully. To help organizations meet this common challenge, Avilar provides a skills management system, including online assessments, rapid skills inventory projects, and more, to help you better manage your workforce. Avilar's rapid skills inventory software provides organizations with the tools they need to understand and enhance the skill sets of their employees.

The Avilar Skills Management Process

The employee skills inventory process begins with a discussion between your team and one of our competency management consultants about the roles you would like assessed. Following this conversation, we tailor custom role profiles using the Avilar Competency Model in our own WebMentor Skills, a web-based competency management system. We then provide you with the necessary information so your workforce can complete online skill assessments based on their role(s) within the company. Since the assessments are delivered online and are available 24x7, your employees may access them on the job during the workday or on their own time from any computer with an Internet connection.

Once all skill assessments have been completed, Avilar provides your team with Skill Inventory Reports and Skill Gap Reports for every individual who was assessed. When you implement a skills tracking initiative within your organization, you can better understand where your workforce stands and where improvement is needed. Avilar can also provide a broad selection of other organization-wide and department-wide reports that drill down from the top aggregate skill gaps, to specific training needs of specific individuals.


With this valuable Skills Inventory information, you can:

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce
  • Create individual development plans that target training where it's needed most
  • Capitalize on individual strengths to improve results right away
  • Address any potential training deficiencies appropriately
  • Improve performance in less time than with traditional training methods

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