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Over the next decade, more people will enter retirement than there are people entering the workforce to take their place. And it's not just retirement. People also leave to pursue other opportunities, or drop out of the workforce in response to changes in their personal lives. Sometimes, regrettably, employees become ill or disabled for an extended period of time, or even worse.

Succession planning is essential for organizations to make this critical transition. Organizations need a focused knowledge transfer program and tools to automate the employee development process.

With Avilar's succession planning software, talent management and workforce planning is easy. Whether you're a large or small business, implementing succession planning software to align your strategies with your goals can be the performance management solution that your organization needs to excel.

When employees leave the workforce for any reason, the organization loses those employees' knowledge and skills. WebMentor Skills gives you the tools you need to understand that loss and respond to it effectively.

Experience it for yourself.

Better Understand Your Workforce

Are these positions still critical to the organization's success?

Use the Role Profile Summary report to see if the skill and proficiency levels are defined correctly for the positions that are being vacated. Here is an "Inbound Call Center Operator" role summary:

Role Profile Summary for 'Inbound Call Center Operator'
Role Profile Summary for "Inbound Call Center Operator"

What skills do the departing employees possess?

Use the Individual Skills Inventory report to catalog the skills and proficiency levels of departing employees. The reports show each employee's strengths and weaknesses, which gives a clear picture of exactly what the organization has lost. Here is an employee's Individual Skills Inventory:

Individual Skills Inventory
Individual Skills Inventory

Who are the best replacements?

To determine the most qualified candidates for vacated positions, use the Team Builder tool to identify employees who have the smallest skill gaps relative to the open positions. Here are the results of a Team Builder search for an open Project Manager position:

Team Builder
Team Builder

How can you develop the replacement employees' most critical skills?

Use the Individual Development Planner (IDP) tool to create skill development plans for each employee. The IDPs clearly identify each employee's most critical skill gaps relative to the requirements of their jobs, and help focus training and development resources most efficiently. (Click on the image to view an employee's IDP.)

Individual Development Plan
Individual Development Plan


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